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 Guild Rules and Rolling Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules and Rolling Rules   Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:45 pm

The following are rules that apply to the entire guild. There are separate rules pertaining specifically to the forum that can be found HERE.


-August 31st, 2011: Updated alt rules
-August 4th, 2011: Amended Raiding Rule #1, fixed grammatical structure/clarified all the rules, added some colour (yay), added a link to the Forum Rules.
-July 22nd 2011: Updated Raiding Rules
-July 15th 2011: Updated Rolling Rules
-July 5th 2011: Created

General Guild Rules

1. Respect the guild leaders. The guild leaders work to make a better community for you and everyone else. Be patient and respectful since there is a lot to deal with.

2. Be active. We want active players in this guild that will join raids and other events when they happen. Do not just come on to play arena or duel in Stormwind while ignoring what the guild is doing. We do not need people like that.

3. Contribute. If you want to gain from the guild, then you need to give as well. Do not expect everything to be handed to you.

4. Have fun. If you learn to have fun with us, then the rest will come easily. This is important. If you are not having fun, something is wrong and it needs to be worked on.

5. It is your responsibility to keep yourself up to date with the guild rules. Failure to do so can result in punishments.

6. If there is a guild raid that requires more guild members, and you are not doing anything important at the time (IE. farming mats which can be done 2 hours later), then you are required to contribute to the raid in whatever way you can. Guild raids are made possible by the people that continually come back to support those that are still in need of gear. Do not abuse this system by ignoring graids because you do not need gear. This guild has no room for selfish people.

In-Game Rules

1. You must be on Ventrilo when coming to a guild raid or any event. This is required as it helps save time and keeps us more organized.

2. Do not spam guild chat. Sometimes people get carried away and it can be distracting.

3. While speaking in guild chat, speak English. Mutes will be handed out to those speaking in languages other than English.

4. Follow the Magic-WoW rules. Do not break rules that would get you banned or present a bad image of yourself or the guild.

5. Please do not treat guild chat as a LFG channel. If you are in a pug raid, or require people for a pug raid/event, then ask other guild members in a nice and respectful manner instead of copying and pasting your LFG spam into guild chat. If need be, resort to whispers.

Raiding Rules

1. Listen to your raid leader. If you do not pay attention and mess up, the raid leader can and will kick you out of the raid, or even the guild. He/She has full rights to do this without giving you any loot. If you feel this was done wrongfully, contact an officer and explain the situation.

2. As stated before, be on Ventrilo. It is so important I am saying it twice.

3. Do not complain about loot. If you did not win something, get over it. Whether it was because someone rolled higher, or the leader decided to give it to someone else who deserved it more, or it was a mistake, get over it. It is just a pixel item. Do not let it wreck your day. If you feel loot is being distributed with too much bias, inform an officer.

4. Be patient. Getting everything ready can be a long time. If everyone puts in the effort, it will work out.

5. Recruits must PM an officer after completing a guild raid to gain credit towards their test raids. They must have preformed well in the raid to gain credit.

6. All guild raids must be done with the guild rolling rules.

7. Recruits that have not completed their 3 test raids within 2 weeks will be automatically kicked from the guild. You can appeal the kick on our forums.

8. There is a zero-tolerance policy towards those members that "bribe" other raid members to pass items that they need (IE. pass XXX trinket for YYY gold). Members found doing so will be instantly demoted, and possibly kicked from the guild.

9. Any member in the guild may lead guild raids. However, if there is no officer present, then makes it extremely hard to deal with disputes (IE. "Ninjaing" of loot) should they occur. Be warned that in many cases, not much can be done even if reported to an officer as it is hard to provide solid proof that someone intentionally "Ninjaed". Officers are not responsible for any guild raid that is lead without an officer present in it.

10. You risk being kicked from the guild if you go offline during a guild raid without giving prior notice to an officer in the raid, or the raid leader. Feel free to appeal the kick if you went offline for a legitimate reason (IE. there was a storm in your area which caused a power outage).

Rolling Rules

Equilibrium raids are Masterloot raids. However, from time to time, we will use Need Before Greed on selected 10 man raids. With that in mind, the rules for rolling are as follows:

1. You may only roll on 1 character for items per raid. The only exception to this is if the raid leader asks you specifically to swap to another character that can provide a role/buff/asset that the raid currently needs.

2. You may choose 1 spec to roll Need on, and you can roll Greed on your Offspec (IE. You are a Paladin, and you mainly like to DPS, but like to Tank when there are no other tanks available. Therefore you will roll Retribution [DPS] as your "Need" spec, and roll Protection [Tanking] as your "Greed" spec). You have to make a decision about what spec you are rolling on at the moment you join the raid. Switching rolling specs between bosses is not allowed. 1 character per raid, 1 spec per raid. This will be strictly enforced. Members caught multi-spec rolling will be warned verbally/through text the first offense, demoted on a second offense and kicked from the guild on the third offense.

3. Main and Alt characters have the same rolling priority. Lockouts on Magic-WoW are short, bosses are fairly easy and we do a lot of raids. Everyone will be geared sooner or later.

4. On items that are harder to get, or have a lower drop rate than most (Example: T9 Regalia Tokens, Tribute Run Cloaks) Main characters have a priority. However, this might not always be the case. If someone has had outstanding raid performance, and has been helpful in joining the Guild raids and contributing to the guild with Alt characters as well, they will be rewarded. Trust your officers and raid leader to make the best decision in these situations. If there are any issues, contact an Officer or Overseer and explain the situation.

5. Officers and Overseers may decide that someone has gotten enough loot and will pass an item to someone that has not received as much. This will be done as fairly as possible. Note that officers are human as well; they do make mistakes, and they may miss certain things that happen, especially in 25 man raids. If any issues arise, contact an officer and explain the situation.

6. A Recruit may not roll on items until he or she has completed the 3 test raids to become a Member. However, where appropriate, an Officer or Overseer may choose to allow recruits to greed on certain items that are not needed by other Members.

7. There may be situations where a piece of gear that drops is not designed specifically for someone's class (IE. Paladin, Warriors, DK's using Leather), but is considered "Best In Slot" for that specific gear slot and role. However, we ask that all members take into consideration that by rolling for someone else's tier of gear, you are depriving other classes of the limited selections of gear they may only have to choose from. To keep things fair, all members are to roll Greed on such items. This includes (BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO): Paladins/DKs/Warriors rolling on Leather/Mail, Hunters rolling on Leather, Druids rolling on Cloth, Shamans rolling on Leather/Cloth.


1. Any alternate characters (aka "alts") that join the guild MUST be useful characters. This means that the following requirements must be fulfilled:

a. You MUST be a level 80 (level 60/70 twinks exempted). Otherwise, No. exceptions.
b. You MUST be able to hold your own in a raid (IE. You are geared enough to be considered "useful" in a raid). This means that you should have taken the initiative to run yourself through some 5/10 man instances, or even grab some PvP gear to fill in slots where you are missing gear.
c. Prior to joining the guild with an alt, ensure that you have asked the guild class leader, or Google on how to play your class. Make sure you have accurate gems, glyphs, talents, and DPS rotations.
d. Any Tanks or Healers that join the guild should be sufficiently geared enough to not have to be "carried" by other tanks or healers. As these two roles are extremely vital in a raid, no exceptions can be made to classes that fall into these roles.
e. Do not join the guild with an alt you will not play at least once every 2 weeks. This means that the alt should be contributing to the guild positively, whether it's through the guild bank, guild raids, or professions (IE. Gems, glyphs, etc.)
f. Any alts that cannot perform to expectations will be gkicked immediately. You will be re-invited to the guild when you gear and learn to play your alts properly.

2. Alts that join the guild should preferably have 2 professions that are leveled to Grand Master (450/450). Owners of alts should login their alts and assist guild members that need items from specific professions.

3. The alt limit per rank is as follows (in # of alts allowed per main character):

Recruit - 0
Member - 1
Dedicated -1
Legend - 3
Veteran/Officer/Overseer/GM - Unlimited
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Guild Rules and Rolling Rules

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